Monday, January 3, 2011

Too Soon

I have an interesting story...Now I am curious if anyone is as taken back as me when i first heard it.

Two people go on a date with one another. They have a great time and connect really well. Everything is going so well, that one party invites the other to a party with them that very night. Mind you it is New Years Eve so why not drink and be merry. Both parties get pretty wasted and pass out. Now here is the surprising part. One wakes up to the other guy giving him a blow job. Now before you start thinking what i know you are all thinking. BUT....It's the FIRST DATE!!!! I could see if the two were dating for a while, but they are not. Needless to say the two have not had a second date.

This got me thinking, when is it too soon to give it up? Sometimes it is totally ok to "Put Out" on a first date. The key thing is that it should be a mutual feeling and totally consensual. I myself have been on many dates. A few I have "put out" on the first date and they turned out to be great relationships. Others turned out to be just a few weeks of crazy sex that I thought was dating and turning into a relationship at the time. In hind sight i realize it was the ladder. A personal note to self is to wait until the feeling is right and you see your life with the other person in the future. Whether it is the near future or further. I guess this is sort of a tricky question because every situation is different and no one is the same. I have many married friends that are happily together for a few years and definitely "put out" right away. The key though as all have agreed upon...It should be totally consensual and both parties need to be conscious at the time. I agree because I mean how can you really enjoy something if you cannot recall it happening...

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  1. Interesting story. If you're a whore, like me, you put out immediately. I would be the dick sucker rather than the dick suckee in this situation. Not that this story is about me. Obviously. Because there are two dicks in this story. Or maybe three. Two penises and a douchey dick raper.