Saturday, January 8, 2011

One Day At a Time

The other day while at my favorite local cafe relaxing and people watching. I saw an incredible older couple. They looked so happy and into one another, like it was their first week of dating. In speaking with them, the two phrases that stuck with me were: "Never go to bed angry or unhappy with your spouse" and "Always just take it one day at a time." The first phrase i have heard a countless number of times. The second i have only begun to hear more frequently from others. This got me thinking...When we meet someone that makes us feel incredible and happy with life. We should just take it one day at time. So what if it does not work out. At least you know there was no over analyzing and you just lived. What is most important is not that the two of you "Lived Happily Ever After." The main importance is that the two of you Lived...

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