Monday, January 31, 2011

On my Mind

This past weekend was incredible. I had the most amazing time being with friends that I have not seen in a while and celebrating the success of graduation for others as well. One thing that has completely stuck in my mind though was something one of my dear friends said. They recently have been having problems with their significant other and it's most likely over. They said, "It Is just not worth going through all of the emotions and usual goings of a relationship if this is how it turns out." I just totally had to disagree with that. I mean no matter what, I believe that it is always worth going through with a relationship even if it does turn sour. You learn from everything that happens in your life and to say that it's just not worth it. Absurd. Nothing in life is certain. Every time you start to pursue a relationship it is taking a risk. Leaving yourself open and taking that chance that maybe this one is the one. The one that will make you love and love you back. I want real love, inconceivable, can't get enough, whole hearted, intense love. Now I know some people are like that's crazy but, to settle for less to me is what is really crazy. Relationships take work and just passion. You have to want to do this. I know it hurts but without taking such risk, one would end up just being alone all their life and unhappy. No matter what anyone says everyone needs someone. Whether it is friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever. You have to feel that your life is complete first and love yourself before anyone is going to love you. A lot of people bring this up and say it time and time again, but it still stands true.

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