Thursday, January 20, 2011


Talking to one of my dear friends the other day, we spoke about conquests. People who do not really want to date another unless there is some sort of conquest. They feel there has to be some sort of challenge/struggle. It is all a type of game to them. One should not have to win over someone’s affection. This is something that is either obtained or not. This got me thinking…How many of us having dated someone that was just looking for a conquest? Some of us have never realized this. While others did only after they had already given themselves to the other. A situation where you are with someone for a few months. Everything is going incredible. The two of you are together quite often and have the feel like this could be going somewhere. One day you find out that they are taken. They do care for you, but a large part of what keeps their interest is the conquest. The feeling of having a type of power over others.

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