Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Power of Compassion and Understanding

There are those times when we feel like we are total screw ups. Those moments when we are just feeling so down and out that nothing can change our mood. There are then moments when we realize we have those people in our lives. The ones that have true compassion…Compassion is a virtue, one in which the emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy are regarded as part of love itself. Accidents will always happen in our lives. There will always be a time when we are misfortunate enough to have something terrible or just sad happen to us. This is when we need to have people in our lives with true compassion. They are the ones that make everything ok. They make us feel like it really is not so bad. Instead of us thinking that so many others out there have it worse. We think that we are the ones that have it the worst in the world. The realization that life really is not so bad at these moments is achieved through incredible people with compassion. I for one am blessed and happy to have these types of people in my life.

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