Thursday, January 6, 2011

Knowing Someone

The holidays have recently passed by. This was a time where a majority of people couple up, in order to not be alone at such a wonderful time of the year. I have met a few people that were together, but gave off the feeling they did not really know one another. Have you ever been in a relationship or dating someone that you did not know at all. This got me thinking...Why not slow it down, take a step back, and just truly get to know someone before diving head first. When it comes to matters of the heart, it is always tricky. You cannot really be "In Love" with someone if you do not truly know them. You can always care or just love someone they do not really know, but I do not believe you can really be "In Love" without truly knowing them.

To have someone that really knows you. Inside and out, the good and the embarrassing. There is not comfort like that. To have someone that in a way needs you in their life. There is no drug like that. To be alone and truly content with your life. That is truly indescribable.

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