Monday, January 31, 2011

Jersey Throw Back

Tonight I have been reading through my journal and want to post a few old entries. They are all truly Amazing...It's funny how my life in California has been anticipated for so long.

Just about life

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Today has really been a chill/mellow day. I listened to Jack Johnson pretty much all day. Yeah I'm a California surfer at heart. I know. I've been told. This just got me thinking about life. Past, Present, and future. I miss living in the city, but at the same time i feel so lucky to be here in the quiet country like neighborhood. On days like these i feel so incredible to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature without all the hustle and bustle of the city. This truly is a beautiful world we live in and people sometimes need to step back and just take a look around. Even in the worst of situations and surroundings. Still have to find the beauty in it. I've always been the type that loves being around people, interacting, all the time. Living in the city that was pretty much every day. Becoming street smart and then becoming book smart second. Being able to go anywhere and just go out at anytime without the worry of something closing and having no where to go. I've learned though while living in jersey. Life isn't all about that. You learn that the simplest things are truly the greatest moments in life. I love alone time cause i do not at all get it enough. At the same time being with a friend, driving around aimlessly with no destination in sight. Random road trips. Random destinations. Driving to the beach on a chilly winter day but still being able to have every bit of fun if not more as you would in the summer. Chilling outside of Wendy's just talking about life or nothing at all. Such Incredibly Amazing times i've had. Best times of my life.

Looking towards the future and the present. Life just seems to only be getting better. Friendships becoming tighter, learning from past mistakes, and just moving on with my life.

In a few months I will be living in San Diego, CA. I'm scared and incredibly excited at the same time. It is the first time that i will be living alone for such an extended period of time. Will i return to the east coast. Who knows. I use to be sure and say yeah I'm coming back. But not now i honestly don't know. Only time will tell. I'm excited for new friends i will make, Amazingly Brilliant adventures await, and experiences that i know will be with me for a life time.

Ahh i just had all of these thoughts inside me. Had to get them out. I know to some this might not make any sense at all but to others this will surely just be as clear as day. Anyway what i am saying is thanks for reading everyone. Love you always and forever even if sometimes you don't feel it.

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