Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Own It"

Have you ever asked someone what they like or love to do? They sit back and hesitate with their answer, because it is a little embarrassing...Why not say what you like and just "own it". There is nothing wrong with owning up to what you like to do or what you love in life. The thing is that if people realized that once they owned their life...they would realize how much others are like YEAH!!!! that's cool. There is nothing more incredible than meeting someone that is confident in themselves. Truly just being OK with who and what they are. What they like and what they do in their lives. I have met many people who i would not really agree with them in what they do, but because they "own it," i am like Hellz yeah YOU are AWESOME. This is because confidence is very attractive and a great quality to have in a friend or relationship...

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