Monday, January 3, 2011

The Right One and Independence

Looking for the one...The right one. The one we think will make our lives perfect and complete. At times this happens too soon and makes us realize, what we thought we wanted is not what we really want or need. Even the most independent people secretly are looking for "The Right One." The reality is that once we find the one person we feel completes our life, sometimes it makes us realize the timing is not right. A relationship where one is taking care of the other and the world just simply could not get any better. One day we sometimes realize that a sense independence is necessary in order for us to truly appreciate and realize who we want and/or need in our lives. A relationship may end because of this, but both parties may actually need this in order to grow in their own lives separately. Life is always a never ending journey. Sometimes with with complications but never the less a journey.

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