Monday, January 24, 2011

Before, After, Now

Before I met you, I was someone. I was alive. I was confident. I knew what I wanted and always took chances. Before you, there was no dark. Life was incredible and could only get better. Before I met you, I knew what love was and yearned for more. Before I met you, I was happy…After I met you, I felt so alone. I was dead inside and had low self esteem. After you, I became afraid to take chances. Those extra leaps seemed so impossible. I lived my life in the dark, with no chance for light to come in. After you, my life was a disaster. After I met you, I questioned love. Love became a form of pain to me. I vowed to never love again. After you, I was unhappy. Now as time passed, I am happy. I understand what it feels like to be alive. I am now truly confident. Now I choose the risks I take. I understand the balance needed in life. Now there is light with a little bit of dark. I now appreciate all that life has to offer. Now I really know what love is. What it is to love someone and have them love you in return. Now I am happy I met you. You made me feel. You forced me to understand what love isn’t. You taught me an incredible lesson without even realizing it. Through all of the pain, I am now a new person. I am the person I have always wanted to be. I look forward to love and all it has to offer….I Thank You

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