Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just A Feeling

Have you ever looked back on a relationship and realized you knew when it was coming to an end? Have you ever been in a relationship and saw the end coming? Just a feeling you had in your gut, soul, heart? Sometimes you just know when it’s over. Looking into someone’s eyes and they are no longer where you are. It feels like they are looking right through you. The moment where they have checked out. They have lost that feeling they had for you. At the moment you cannot believe it is over. You are not ready to let go. The life the two of you had. It is something you wish, could have been perfect forever. There is now so much said, through the ways they are so emotionless towards you. The life has been sucked out of them. They are there with you, but truly hurting in side. Those moments where the two of you are making love. They are really crying inside that it is over. You know it as well as they do. They stuck around for so long refusing to give up on the love the two of you once had. Now they are finished. All of the signs have been there. Only now are they so, “in your face” you have no choice but to accept it…

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