Sunday, January 30, 2011


Growing up we are told there will be a time in our lives where we hit the point. The point where we want to settle down. Tired of playing those games. We wake up one day and realize we have everything we need in our lives. Now we want someone to share that with. We want another there to hold, feel, love. Have all of those emotions we hear and see from others in love. What happens in our lives that brings this on? Is it seeing others in love? Seeing the happiness and feelings they have for one another? It could be a combination of things. Some days I think back on past loves and past relationships. Thinking about what went wrong. What could I have changed. What If I did this or that differently. I then reach a point where I am glad they all turned out the way they did. How else would i have learned. Learned what love is. Instead of wasting time with fillers I can settle down with the right one. I think that time in our life happens right after we truly figure out what we want in our lives. We then know the aspects we want out of a partner.

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