Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crush-->First Date-->Disaster

A crush is an object of one’s infatuation. We all have had a crush at some point in our lives. What happens when we pursue our crush? Taking that next step to turn our crush into something more…Sometimes it can turn out amazing. The feelings you have for them are on point. They are everything you imagined they would be. At other times it can be a disaster...The other night I went on a date with a crush. Thinking I was interested and wanted this to turn into a relationship. Sadly I was hit with a hard dose of reality. This date was a disaster, in my mind. They did not live up to any of my expectations. I sat there pretty much having a conversation with myself and pulling teeth for information. In speaking with a friend I took into consideration that maybe they were shy and nervous. I realized that I cannot be with a shy person or a total introvert. An extrovert (Me) with an Introvert (them) does not work in my case. Yes, I felt a bit of disappointment, but felt good to know that I already know what I want and do not want.

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