Monday, January 17, 2011

Fall through the cracks

After some break ups. We are feeling like there is so much left unsaid. Those words that we are needing to say, but never get a chance or have the courage to. They just fall through the cracks. “ I love you. I miss you. I hate life without you. I want you back.” Those thoughts that never are verbalized to the loves in our lives. We will always have the feelings that we do not miss, but they are trumped by such incredible things left unsaid. One starts to think what if. What if I said this. What if I said that. It makes us wonder if at times…Do they miss you? Would they wish you were here with them? Are they feeling the way you do? When we are with someone, no matter how afraid we are. We should express our feelings to them. There will always be a time when it is too soon, but you know when that is. Take a step back for a moment. Take a chance and hope they feel the same as you do. There is always too much left unsaid and if we would just say those words/thoughts and stop holding back…Our relationships might last a bit longer. We could actually have our happily ever after. Please don’t let those incredible moments ‘Fall Through the Cracks.’

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