Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lesson Learned

Have you ever been so excited about something to the point you want to tell the world? Your hopes are heighted and you feel that this is finally it? You have finally gotten one of things you were looking for in life? An incredible something that will just start you on the path of awesomeness? What does one do when this one thing you have told the world about. Everyone you feel is close to you. They are all excited for you. Constantly asking when it is going to happen, so they can celebrate with you. Planning and other things start to happen. Then the worst thing happens. The one thing you had, completely goes away. It all falls through. There is no longer that one thing to start you out. You have a feeling of total embarrassment, because now you have to tell everyone. Instead of keeping this one piece of news to yourself, until you have obtained it. You had to go and tell everyone about it. Even before it was official. This is what we call a lesson learned. A moment where you look back and say, “ I should have done it this way. Next time I will do things differently.”

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