Friday, January 28, 2011

Stick With You 2

Why do our brains (or hearts) do this to us? Why when we know someone is not right, we still think about them out of nowhere? What makes the difference between the person who remains in our heart and the one we can just forget about? Lately I have been thinking about this and have no definite answer. The relationships we have in our lives are always significant whether we think so or not. Each person we meet came into our lives for a reason. Even if it ended terribly, it was for a reason. Every relationship is an experience to prepare us for the one. We learn what we should do differently, so when the ONE does come along…We can deal. I don’t think we are ever truly ready for love. I just think we can be as situated and stabilized with our lives as possible, so we can accept and appreciate love when it comes. Those people in our lives that we are able to forget about, did not touch us as much as the one’s we cannot forget. Those people never really got to you. They were just fillers. The one’s who pop into our minds at random times are for a reason. A moment where you really wish the trait they had was in another. I believe that maybe those that stick with us each have a little something in them that we want in our idea lover…

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