Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back Pocket

Why is it that when we are sad, we look for that one person who will make us feel better for the moment? There is always that one you know you can call even when you shouldn't. They would jump at any chance to be with you. You on the other hand, have no intention what so ever of being with them. They are just simply someone that you like to keep in your back pocket. Only for those moments you do not want to be alone, need something fixed, a favor performed or a moment to feel fulfilled/satisfied. For you, this is a perfect deal and person to have around. For the other, it is a devastating cycle they for some reason cannot get out of. Is it because they are in denial? I always hear and say "Denial is a strong thing." It could also be, they just hope one day you will realize they are the one for you. The one that will make everything better. After all, it has been this long they have been sort of doing it. Why not invest in them full time. Give back a little. Maybe it is because we truly know deep in our hearts, there is no way it could be. It is just not meant to be between the two of you. If only we could actually be honest and just tell them the real deal. Why don't we? Are we afraid of losing that one? If so then Why?...

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