Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Why is it that those who give the greatest advice, do not take their own? A friend of mine who gives excellent advice always has a different set for their own issues. This got me thinking...The greatest psychologist and psychiatrist out there always have someone else they seek out for advice and to vent to. Is it that we realize what we are telling others and just need reassurance or are we just too stubborn to take our own advice. I for one know that i must remind myself at times to take my own advice. There are many situations where when you see them or are told about them the result or opinion is clear. When we are actually in the situation the opinion is totally different. As a friend of mine says "But we are in Love." Yes, at the moment everything seems to be going great, but after you two come to a realization and break up...There is always a moment in hind sight where one says, "You know he/she was right"

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