Sunday, January 23, 2011

California (1 Year Later)

It will be one year since i have moved from the east coast to Sunny California in February. Life here most definitely has been been interesting. I am blessed to be working with incredible people and have made some classic friends. I am finally getting established here and it has taken a few risks and mistakes. After living with two sets of roommates in various counties, I have finally found a place that I can call home. I landed an Awesome deal for my own humble abode and it looks stellar...My new found friends and co workers have shown me a few great places in California. Wine tasting really is a relaxing and amazing experience. A trip to San Francisco was one of the highlight moments when i was beginning to feel a little home sick. The chilly weather and city like atmosphere was just what i needed to feel good again. With many other road trips and the timeless Sunday Brunches...I really have to say life on the left coast really isn't so bad. I have so much more to figure out and discover, but life so far is pretty good.

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