Monday, January 10, 2011

Be Like That

Have you ever been out somewhere or watched an episode of a show? After that moment you felt that you would almost give anything to be in those shoes. Just thinking that if you could be like that you would be perfectly, incandescently, content with life. You would give anything to live just one day, one moment in those shoes...The thing about that is, there are other factors in the life of the person being idolized that you may not want or like when experienced personally. There are many who only want the good things in life without the bad or the struggle/work it takes to actually achieve them. What appreciation would we have for anything if there was no work or effort put into it. There simply would be no end result. There would only be. This I think would actually would make one feel unfulfilled. Why not put effort into everything you do. Strive to be who ever you idolize, but in your own way. After all if we were all the same life would be pretty dull.

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