Monday, January 31, 2011

Lost and Alone

Just another day. Another day alone. Though I show a smile. There is so much I hide. I can’t find a way to relate. Who Am I suppose to be? Everybody seems to see except for me. In the beginning I did everything to try and fit in. The others just couldn’t, just wouldn’t look past the surface. I lost all emotion. Lost all feeling. When will I feel again? I would give up forever to know. Take a look at the life of the lost and lonely. Lost in this world I hide. Always going unnoticed. Wanting to find my direction. Will I be afraid once I find it? I wish I knew. When will love ever find me? All my life, all I’ve wanted is to be loved. Life seems like a movie. I bleed to just to feel alive. Anything to know I am alive. If I could, then I would. I would show the world. Show them who I am. Accept me or not I would be me. The person I am looking for. The one who is brave and resilient. Able to take life as it comes. No longer go unnoticed. Finally able to shine. Every night I dream. Dream that I am happy. Living such an incredible life. Standing on my own two feet. Able to accept myself for who I am. Feeling emotion. Feeling inside. Smiling internally because I can feel. A warm feeling it is. If only this dream was real. If only…

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