Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Only with Laughter Can You Win

Live, Love, Laugh....Three words that mean so much. To truly live is an incredible thing. To truly Love is indescribable. To Laugh means you are Living and Loving at the same time. What is life without laughter. Some of the greatest times of my life are from the moments where i have literally done nothing but laugh randomly all day. On my Pandora today i came across this song by Rosie Thomas and it seriously stuck with me. To meet someone if even for a moment and have them truly come into your life...Indescribable. Even if it is for one night. One's life could truly be changed forever.

"You and me, me and you
There's so much that we've been through,
Through it all Ive come to understand Gods love.
And if tomorrow never comes
Know this twice, just know this once.
Knowing you has made me able to go on.
You and me, me and you
There couldn't be a better two,
To be blessed and know the meaning of true love.
And if you leave me I feel scared,
Fall apart so unprepared.
But I dare to make it trough all on my own.
Yes I dare to make it trough on my own." By Rosie Thomas

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