Friday, February 4, 2011


Friends are incredible. I thank God everyday for the friends I have in my life. Without them i seriously do not know where i would be. At times friends have a reality check. A moment in their lives where they wish they would of done things differently. The only thing one can really do is learn from what happened in the past and move on. Understand why your friend feels this way and work on yourself to be a better person. I recently had this type of moment. I tend to always tend to write the things down i feel my friends would not understand. That moment in life where i feel they just would not listen or hear what i am saying. The thing we all must realize, is if we are friends with someone we should tell them what is on our mind all the time. This is the only way to truly be best friends. Why hold anything back. Is it really for your friend or are you afraid of confrontation? Afraid of losing that one dear friend you would not replace for another in the world...

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