Tuesday, February 8, 2011


As of late I have been taking the initiative in matters of the heart. In speaking with a friend I realized that I never actually have. I honestly have never been the one to take the first step. I have always been the one being approached. This is an ideal situation, but leaves one without the skills of how to start conversations with love interest. I am learning this the hard way, but it feels good. I can now understand the feelings others have when they are rejected by another. The moment where you are on such a high thinking, “I got this.” Only to be turned down. Also, I have made myself more aware of pop culture and current events. After all these are all things one must know in order to hold conversation at times. All in all I am incredibly happy to be taking the initiative and putting myself out there. It most definitely has been scary to do at first, but I am adjusting. Learning body language and the point where you just know if someone is into you or not…

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