Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wrong One/Right One

What is love? Love is being with someone who accepts you for who you are. Have you ever been with someone that just thought you did everything wrong? Thought you were a mess and just plain stupid, useless and hard to please. Then you meet someone who thinks the total opposite. They want to show you off to the world. Take you anyplace and never embarrassed to be seen with you. They think you are funny, and irresistible. The most incredible person they have met in a long time. All of those little quirks and flaws you have are just a grain of sand to this one. You now feel appreciated and not hated anymore. You realize how much better you feel with this one. In the past you felt beaten down… Now you think, “Where did I go right? How did I get you?” You have no idea how you did, but somehow now you do. Talking to a friend the other day I realized there are many of us that stay in a doomed relationship because it was convenient, a sure thing or just easier than being alone. A mistake almost everyone has done in their dating career. Later down the road we realize how early in the beginning it could have been prevented…

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