Friday, February 25, 2011

Something Different

It was a cool summer night when they first saw each other. The moment their eyes met, they both wondered about this new feeling. A feeling for a stranger. Someone they do not know. Each thinking to themselves, “Who is this person. Why do I feel so connected to them.” One approaches the other and it feels so right, so easy to interact with one another. After time a date ensues. Incredible for one, but the other is a little more hesitant. Thinking this can’t be right. There must be something wrong. Trying to figure out these feelings. Asking why it is so right. Wondering if they have finally found their match…Another date ensues and the one breaks through those feelings of hesitation. Thinking, why hold back and miss out on something incredible. Over time more dates ensue. The bond/dates between the two begins to grow. Grows into something more than just casual. It begins become something greater. Their passion and feelings have sky rocketed. Each thinks, “This could be the one.” Months, weeks, days have passed. The two are walking home from an incredible French restaurant. It begins to rain, pour. They begin to run making it to the door step. Staring into each other’s eyes, begin to kiss and embrace one another. One pulls back and says those three words…”I Love You.”

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