Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tough Day

Today. Today is a tough day. Have you ever had that someone? That someone who even though you have completely deleted them out of your life, you cannot stop thinking about them. They cross your mind every so often. It did not end badly. It was neither one of your faults. It was just a point where you did not want to wait around any longer. You ended it and now wish you didn’t. Wish you didn’t delete them out of your life. Wish you could rewind time. Take it back to the moment. The moment where everything seemed so perfect. Today is that day. Today I feel like calling. I want to call. Feeling so stupid for feeling this way. Never wanting to feel this way. Never have I ever felt this way. Wondering what this means. Why this one is making me the crazy one that I vowed to never be. Is this what others go through? Is this how it feels after breaking something off that you really wanted? So many questions? So many things left unanswered. If only I had a chance to actually talk to them. Figure things out. Get some closure. I never truly understood why people need closure. Now I get it…

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