Friday, May 6, 2011


All my life I friends, strangers, family members, etc. have come to me for advice. Various individuals confide in me with information that they know will be kept. My mother has always told me that I am the type of person people feel at ease with. The type that they feel is an instant friend. The type that makes others feel they have been friends with me for years and surrounding others feel the same. This got me thinking….How many of us out there are advice columnist for our personal network of friends? For those various individuals we meet in our lives? Unfortunately I have not met many of these individuals in my life. Yes, one only needs at least one friend to confide in. Yet I wish there were more out that just for the benefit of others. So many people need that person they can just talk to. The one they can always go to and know after they leave or end speaking with them. It is going to be ok. The information/experience obtained was real and what you needed.

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