Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Half Way There

Life is full of surprises. Full of ups and downs, heartaches, joys, and just some really random stuff. I have learned a lot from it all. I have grown up a lot from it all. I feel really blessed/lucky to have experienced and be a part of it all. My life would not be what it is today if I had not experienced or been a part of it all. I was on an emotional roller coaster recently. Getting over someone is not always easy. I have learned that. I have learned that there other fish out in the sea. There are personal obstacles that could be holding you back. We have to learn to deal with them and get over them. So much I have learned and the year is not even over yet. We are slowly reaching the midyear point. I wanted to write about my reflection on life. This will be my first full year in California and I have to say it is pretty Awesome. I am getting settled finally. Opening myself up to others now that I am pretty much settled and got my stuff together. I’m feeling really good. I thank God for my life. It truly is a blessed/charmed one.

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