Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You Know

You know one of my secrets. Something no one else knows. You know. I feel close to you. Comfortable with you. Willing to take a chance and tell you things i would normally keep to myself. Lock inside and never let out. You make me want to open up. Be free of these chains. Free of any burdens. Everything feels lighter when I am with you. When I am away from you I also begin to feel lighter on my own. Able to take on my challenges. New challenges. Dive in head first without hesitation. I hope to one day know one of your secrets. Get you to feel comfortable enough around me to open up. Tell me things you would only tell a stranger, because they don't know you and wouldn't judge you. I want to give you strength. An extra leap in your step and boost of confidence without even realizing it. It's what i want. What I need. What I feel...

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