Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jumping to Relationship Status

In speaking with a friend the other day i discovered some incredible insight on relationships. Now these are ideas/thoughts that we all have already discovered and know. The thing is, we do not really take it in until it is said by another. In the most ideal relationships, we meet another that we feel is the one. The romance begins at a slow and steady pace and then accelarates so quickly that neither one of you know what hit them. During those first few dates the two of you feel there is so much in common. The goals and aspirations are in sync. The two of you are able to speak on a level that is unmatched by others. The thoughts and energy the two of you have is incredible. These feelings make the both you want to jump to the point of relationship at an accelarated rate. Every romance should not be rushed. Time should be taken to get to know one another. Court each other and build up the romance.

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