Friday, March 18, 2011


Today I realized. Realized how much you were mistreated. For so long I never realized. I now understand why you are so closed off. Afraid to let anyone close. Afraid to let anyone in. I know you have been hurt in the past. Burned by those close to you. The ones you trusted and loved for so long. Family, Friends, Lovers…A tough life you have had. A life I would not wish on anyone. In this new place you can start anew. Create your own family and friends. Who says family has to be blood. I can be a part of your family. A friend that is there for you. Eventually a network will develop. Friendships will develop. A family created. You will have created a new life. Have everything you ever dreamed of. A Lover you have only dreamed about. The things that seemed so impossible. The ones you thought could only happen on the big screen, could become your life. You CAN have a happily ever after. You WILL have a happily ever after.

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