Friday, March 18, 2011

Thoughts on His Mind

He sits at his desk staring intently at his spreadsheets. From the untrained eye, it would seem as though he is truly into his work on this very day. What others do not see, is that he is unable to concentrate. Thoughts on his mind. Thoughts of a her…He wonders, where she came from. How he is lucky enough to get a girl like this. There is so much he thinks and wants to tell her. Although, his ego and masculinity prevents him from ever showing his true feelings, so soon. On the exterior he plays it cool. Never falters…As he leaves work and arrives home, he begins to zone out once again. Lost in thoughts of her. Thinking about the way she moves, the curves of her body, the way she smiles and is always so modest about her achievements. Her winning personality and incredible charisma. Those eyes. The eyes that seem to look deep in his soul every time they connect with his. Where does one find a girl like this. There has to be something wrong with her, he thinks. Always guarded and afraid to let another in. The last girl he truly let in, tore him apart. She broke his heart and shattered it to pieces. Wanting this one to be different, he begins to take that chance. Moving at a much slower pace than usual. Forming a type of friendship, but at the same time, a romance. Unsure of his feelings at times, but knowing this is the one he wants to be with…

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