Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas/Holidays 2011

Christmas is a wonder time of the year. Traditionally it is a time where families get together and have a most festive time. In the past years this time has changed and evolved. Instead of just families getting together it has evolved into friends, lovers and others getting together during this time of year. The holidays are a time where people who normally would not be together any other time of the year get together. Last Christmas I was with friends. We had a Gay ol' time cooking, laughing, drinking and just enjoying each others company...This year I will be spending Christmas once again in So Cal. It will an interesting Christmas as I really do not have any plans. Most likely it will be with my best friends family with a TON of over eating. As of late I have realized that even though my Christmas and New Years have all been pretty memorable and amazing I have been single. I am truly looking forward to that this time of the year where I am spending time with my special someone. Whether it is with friends in tow or not. It will be truly epic.

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