Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Unsent Letter

In life sometimes there are things left unsaid. Sometimes there are those moments that you wish could happen, but never do. The other day I came across a letter I wrote to a special someone. At the time I was feeling a sense of longing. Yearning for them to be with me. Only in California for a year at the time. Makes me wonder why i never sent this letter. Why I still have not parted with it.... "... I've been in Cali for almost a year now. It is so weird and surreal to think that is has been that long since i last saw you. The last time I was in Philly, my attempt to surprise you with a visit, failed. My cell died and for about an hour as i sat contemplating how to get in, no one walked out. It did not even cross my mind that i could have knocked on your window through the back alley. I was taken back and just speechless when i received your post card in the mail. Even though much was not written, i felt EVERYTHING. Every feeling for you I have been trying to forget came rushing back. I live, we live so...so far apart from one another. I thought it would be easier to forget you. The problem is that i really do not want to forget you. I wish nothing, but for you to be out here in California. I just want you to come on your own accord. It is difficult to write and not get choked up. I just want you here with me. Live in Cali. We date and court one another all over again. Life is about taking chances and i am all for them. I am just afraid if we do not work out then what will you do. I would hate for someone to move three thousand miles for me and then be left out alone in the cold because it was not "meant to be." i care for you greatly and wish nothing more than a happy life. I just need to be realistic, yet keep secretly wishing. You are truly an ultimate dream that i wish would come true. Gabriel

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