Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Some days I just don’t know. Sometimes I’m lost. Somehow I find my way. There are those times where I feel completely alone. Afraid of my future. Afraid of what is going to happen next. I wonder…why do I feel this way? Will these feelings ever change? Years go by and I get older. Years go by and I become wiser. The one thing that remains the same are my thoughts about love. My feelings about romance. Some days, I am so sure. Other days, I am just so lost. So unsure of what it is I really want. I try to always go with the flow. I try to take life as it come. “Roll with the punches,” as they say. When someone ask do I know what I really want my answer depends on the day. It all depends how I feel. Sometimes I am full of thoughts. I can express myself so well. Explain what it is that I want in such detail. Sometimes I fumble with my words. Trying to say what it is I want. I never use to feel like this. Ever since you left I just don’t know. I use to know so well. Now without you here I just don’t…

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  1. Hi, Gabriel. I took a look at your blog and it's got some pretty interesting stuff. Would you be interested in writing on mine once a week? Send me an email stwtg@gmail.com.