Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Perfect Date/Relationship

We all dream of the perfect date. A few of us have written several variations on our online dating profiles…When we finally get that ‘perfect date’ it is completely surreal. An incredible feeling that you seriously can get caught up and lost in. Very few of us truly express ourselves and say what we really want from another, a potential mate, what were looking for. When we finally meet someone that expresses themselves as much as ourselves, it is refreshing. It feels like we have finally met someone we can see something real with. Although there are those small deal breakers, we hope that in time compromise and communication will fix those things. Talking to a friend the other day we got pretty in depth of what each of us are looking for in another. Figuring and questioning whether either one of us are ready for a partner. Whether we truly want a partner at this point in our lives. It is always interesting to hear what your friends think of you. What they feel you want in another. Whether they think you are ready for something serious or not. This conversation got my mind going all night and this morning when I woke up. I wonder at times…Will I ever find that special someone.

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