Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sometimes you figure it out

“Sometimes beginnings aren’t so simple. Sometimes good bye is the only way. I was falling apart. Barely breathing with a broken heart, that’s still bleeding. I try my best to be guarded, but I’m an open book instead.” Moving on. Starting a new. A fresh start. It really is not easy. Even when we find someone new that we feel is better suited for us. We still think about the past. Those past loves. Past relationships. Past experiences. This is not because we wish we were with someone else. It is simply the fact that it takes time to move on. In pain there is healing. No one ever said it was going to be easy. No one ever said it was going to be hard. Growing up we are not taught what to do or how to deal with despair, when someone is breaking our hearts. As we grow up we learn ourselves. We teach ourselves. With each and every person we encounter in our lives we learn something new. Feel something different. An ever evolving feeling and learning experience. The only advice one can truly give another, is to be strong. Stay with it. Never give up. Everything in our lives happens for a reason. We just need to figure out what that reason is each time…

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