Thursday, June 9, 2011


Drama I often hear, people would rather do without. I hear other says they live a drama free life. Drama is something that most try to stay away from. For those who are blessed enough to have no drama in their lives sort of crave it. Search for little tid bits of drama. Never truly wanting to be involved. Although they still have that intrigue of what it is like. An experience that is foreign only to a select few. Through movies and television drama can be experienced. Through real life experiences this can happen as well. In speaking with a friend the other day about drama of course I began to wonder…Drama in some people’s lives is extraordinary. In order to have some sort of drive there is a drive. A passion and feeling that is so intense it creates a type of drama. Regarding relationships. Is it healthy to have a little drama in one? Is it unhealthy to have absolutely no drama in one? Every relationship (friends or lovers) needs a moment where feelings are expressed. Yes, these feelings and emotions can be expressed in less dramatic ways. Although what about those fights, debates and arguments. I truly believe every great, true and lasting relationship should have moments of intense emotion. This shows the other how you truly feel about them. Being blasé, chill, or calm all the time or never truly getting heated about anything is sort of ideal. It is not reality. Expressing oneself truly will result in a small tit for tat at times. At other times a huge blow up. These experiences remind us that we are alive. Remind us key elements about life and growing…

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