Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sunday Brunch

This past Sunday i was invited to an impromptu brunch. It turned out to be a small group of 8 single guys and a couple. Each and everyone of them unique in their own way. Each and everyone of them gay in their own way. It was pretty incredible. The ironic thing was that just the other day I was talking to my sham Alison about how to work on being more gay. What a better way to do so than on Sunday brunch with a group of incredible, interesting and just really cool gay guys. The cool part of this brunch was that it was a combination of friends of our gracious host who wanted to combine all his good friends me through his short time of living in West Hollywood. Everyone brought something to contribute to the party and of course as I LOVE Mimosa's on a Sunday or as one of crazy east coast buddies calls them. Sipping on some Shampipples. All the food was prepared and then we began to introduce ourselves and figuring out how everyone knew the host. This one guy we'll call Abercrombie came in with his boyfriend Fitch. Abercrombie was a total delight. Asking how i know the host and who brought me and such. My friend I went with who we'll call papi chulo use to date my best friend banker. Banker and papi chulo are no longer together and it was interesting how everyone was suprised i could be such good friends with a best friends ex. We are all adults here so why not. Anywho brunch ensues. Drinking Ensues and the consumption on delicious food. Conversation is flowing and just a good time. After about an hour the brunch turns into a shot dessert party. It was pepper schanpps, chocolate syrup and whip cream. Idea was you have to sit in a chair stick your tounge out. Pour Chocolate syrup on your tounge, take the shot and then open wide to be filled with whip cream. I Know, I know sounds like trouble. It was totally fun and the combination of the three left a most pleasant taste in your mouth. Needless to say the participants were all feeling pretty good after. After a few minutes the real show starts. The tony awards comes to Casa De Homo. Two guys burst into song and start acting out the production of 'Avenue Q', 'Rent', and a touch of 'Dream Girls' of course...Anywho it turned into 3 performing in front of a small VIP audience that just LOVED every part of it. I had a chance to get to know some pretty interesting and amazing people. The song and dance was AMAZING. It seriously did feel like we were at the tony awards. Also, I felt like I was going to just get up and burst out in song myself. A few songs come on and one is finding it very difficlut to fight the allure of song and dance. Although I did a great job of doing so. Even with the performers egging me on to complete the group. We could have called ourselves Gayasia the Gay N'Syn or Desitny's Gay Child.

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