Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The One That Got Away

A majority of us have that one person we call 'The One that got Away'. I personally have been thinking about this one lately. Katy Perry has a new song with this title. I discovered it recently thanks to my wonderful spotify player. This got me thinking about time. What if we could turn back time? What if we could actually go back to that one moment where we realize we lost them? The point where you see that you have screwed up and wish you could change it. That one moment that truly could of made everything diffent. Changed your future. For better or worse, we shall never know. I have realized though that we cannot turn back time for a reason. Everything that happens in our lives always happens for a reason. Usually in that moment, we do not realize what exactly is going on. All we can see is what could have been different. All we could think about is going back. Going back and fixing the moment. Later in the future we recall this moment. There is usally something that triggers it conciously or subconciously. On one side it makes us smile and on the other side it makes us sad. I hope for everyone that the happiness always out weighs the sadness. "The One that Got Away" Has helped me grow and become a better person. I hope for those who have their own 'one that got away' feels the same. To those that are still broken hearted or a feeling a little better. Worry not. It really does get better. It is very cliche to say but, "There is a light at the end of the tunnel." Sometimes it takes some longer to see it than others...

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  1. They've all gotten away so far, but in retrospect I wouldn't take them back. Guess it either happened for a reason or I'm better off because it happened for no reason.