Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why Force It...

uring a recent encounter with a potential love interest. I have come to a realization. One should never have to feel they are the only one putting effort into something. If this is the case then why even bother. There is another in the mix that should be putting just as much effort as you are. This got me thinking….Why is it that we continue to pursue those that are obviously disinterested? Is it because we so badly want them to want us? Or could it be we just feel this one could turn into something great? Even though we want all these things it cannot come about unless the feeling is mutual. Sadly this was not the case for me. The best way to get over someone is to totally delete them out of your life in every aspect. This is what needed to be done. This is what has been done. I do know one thing. I will actually miss this one. Usually it takes a bit for someone to get to me. This one was different. For some reason I actually really cared. I saw something in them that maybe they have yet to see in themselves. Even still I hope they one day realize and live up to their full potential. It is all I can hope for. All I can ask.

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