Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How do you Know...When it's over

How do you know? How do you know when it is over? Was it over before it began? As we begin to date someone, we know if it is going to last. We know if it will be just something for the moment. Meeting someone and wishing they could be the one for the long haul. We know inside this is not the case. We know they will only be around for a short while. At times, because we want someone to be the one. The one that is around for the long haul, we become more attached than we should. When that moment hits us and we realize it is over. We are a little hurt inside. The other will never know how hurt we are. They will only know that it is over as well. The two of you know it, but until one speaks up…The two of you continue to head down this downward spiral. Eventually hitting a point where it ends in a most undesirable way. Breakups are never easy. Breakups are never pretty. The thing is we should end a relationship, hanging out, or whatever it is called when we know it is over. Holding on only makes it harder and hurt more in the end.

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