Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Straight Jacket Feeling

Have you ever had that ‘Straight Jacket Feeling’? The feeling that your life is being sucked out of you by another? At moments in our lives, we get ourselves tangled. Sort of trapped in an unhealthy relationship. This could be platonic or romantic. We are put through the ringer and reach a point where we have that ‘Straight Jacket Feeling’. We reach a point where we hold on by letting go. We realize that we are not the problem, they are. You wish the other could understand or feel what you are feeling. This ‘Straight Jacket Feeling’. Maybe then they would understand. When we let go we begin to be ok. Today you are fine without this person in your life. As time passes, the memory of them slips away. You have a better outlook on life. No longer a feeling that your life is being taken from you…

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