Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something Borrowed

The other day i came across this movie called 'Something Borrowed'. This movie was basically about standing up for yourself. Putting yourself first before others. Worrying about your own happiness before others. In the film there is Rachel who is best friends with Darcy and has always stood aside in order for Darcy to be happy. Only when love comes into the picture does she realize she has been putting others happiness before hers her whole life. This got me thinking...How many of us have missed on a chance of love, a promotion at work, or even some small event that could have changed our lives? All of this because we were too afraid to speak up and stand up for what we want. I struggle to write this due to the fact I have missed out on some incredible opportunities because of this. Only in the past couple years have I realized/learned to think about me. Worry about my happiness and others happiness will follow. Now I am not saying to become self absorbed but no one is going to take care of you besides yourself. Truly take care of you and look out for you that is...

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